I wish i just had someone

I wish I had a place to run to when I’m chased out of my house. I wish I had someone to hold me when I’m hysterical crying. I wish I had someone to get my mind off of my own life. I wish I had someone else’s life to focus on. I wish I was someone else’s rock yet they were also mine. Maybe then I wouldn’t cry every day. Maybe then I would’ve able to get out of bed. Maybe then I would have ambition to go out and see people. Maybe then I wouldn’t have to take medications just to sleep. Maybe then I wouldn’t need to take medication when I run out of my house just to deal with the pain. Most importantly I wish I had a home. Not just a building where my family lives. But a home as in a safe haven. One place with one person I feel my most comfortable and secure

I need help

I’ve taken 7 maybe 8 Xanax I don’t even remember and NyQuil and I can’t feel my entire body and there’s only one person I feel like can help me and I can’t even and I can’t even ask beause that’s just being a burden. I can’t be a burden. I just want to sleep and not wake up but none of this is working and I’m too afraid to drive anywhere


*uses “u” and “you” in the same sentence*


My friend just made this status
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